Step into the warmth of Megan's speaking style—a style that is clear, direct, and deeply engaging. Her captivating and interactive presentations draw from her extensive leadership development expertise. Whether the audience consists of high-potential professionals, seasoned managers, or young executives, Megan delivers a timeless and impactful perspective that leaves an indelible mark on the audience.

Expect an enriching journey when Megan Johnson takes the stage as your keynote speaker. Audiences will laugh, listen, and leave with that invaluable "Aha!" moment, sparking lasting transformation.

Choosing Megan as your event presenter means you're not just getting a speaker but a partner in your success. Megan's commitment to excellence shines through as she personally engages with you and your team well in advance of the event. She takes the time to deeply understand your organization's goals, challenges, and unique culture, enabling you to craft a game plan for enhanced leadership that improves communication styles, amplifies impact, and boosts confidence. 

Open the doors to exceptional leadership by inviting Megan Johnson to be the guiding light at your event. Experience her warmth, wisdom, and inviting atmosphere with every engagement, and watch your leaders thrive.

Speaking Topics

  • Leading with the Heart and Mind: The Power of Emotional Agility

Explore the transformative potential of emotional agility in leadership as we delve into the dynamic interplay between emotional intelligence and adaptability, equipping leaders to navigate complex challenges with grace and resilience. Harness the true power of the heart and mind for impactful leadership in today's ever-changing world.

  • The Art of Asking Questions That Matter

Explore the profound impact of thoughtful inquiry in both personal and professional realms. Delve into the craft of asking questions that inspire meaningful conversations and drive meaningful change.

  • Connect, Influence, Inspire: Mastering Impactful Communication

Elevate your communication by learning how to strengthen connections, build influence, and inspire change. Discover the essential skills and strategies to become a  resounding communicator and a catalyst for positive transformation. Unlock the true potential of effective communication and achieve your personal and professional goals.  

  • The Enneagram Equation: Skills + Interests + Values = Fulfillment

Uncover the transformative potential of aligning your skills, interests, and core values on a journey of self-discovery that can truly enrich your life and career. Harness the power of the Enneagram as a guiding tool to strike a harmonious balance among these vital elements, paving the way for genuine satisfaction and purpose.