Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence


- Shirzad Chamine



Positive Intelligence Coaching Program

Build Mental Fitness and Resiliency in 8 Weeks

When facing challenges, opportunities, and decisions it can often feel overwhelming.  We have all been there, and know that this kind of stress can deplete us.  Our typically capable selves are finding it hard to navigate, and we begin to listen to the negative self-talk, inner-critics, and saboteurs that bubble up.  This internal mental chatter focused on judgment and harsh self-criticism is a source of fear, stress, imposter syndrome, low performance, and overall unhappiness. 

The good news is that you can retrain your mind to identify, expose, intercept, and weaken these negative saboteurs.  Instead you can shift to a calm, centered, clear-headed, and self-compassionate mindset.  Positive Intelligence (PQ) combines Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Psychology, and Performance Science.  It is based on the New York Times best selling book, "Positive Intelligence," by Shirzad Charmine.

In this eight-week Positive Intelligence program, you will use a set of guided daily practices, weekly group coaching sessions, and focused one to one individual coaching.  Find calm in the midst of challenge, command your mind to quiet those saboteurs, and shift to the power of a sage perspective.  Your capacity for resilience will increase, and you will see a boost in your mental fitness as you learn to operate with more self-awareness, self-command, and self-compassion. 


Positive Intelligence - 

8 Week Mental Fitness and Resiliency Program includes:

  • Assessments:  Pre and post program assessments to guage progress
  • Weekly Videos:  Seven (7) weekly training videos, one (1) hour each, will be released every week
  • Group Coaching Sessions:  One (1) hour each week your POD will meet for discussion, support, and accountability to ensure program success
  • Coach Facilitated:  Each group and individual coaching will be facilitated by Megan Johnson, ACC certified coach
  • Daily Practices:  Through out each day five (5) practices, each is two (2) minutes long, will be released through the easy-to-use app for a total of 15 minutes per day
  • Progress Tracking:  Within the app you have access to your personal dashboard that displays your scores for your own command muscle, PQ reps, saboteur interceptor, etc.  
  • POD Support:  Your cohort or POD is made up of 3-5 other people that will offer support, community, and accountability toward program success  
  • 1:1 Individual Coaching Session:  One (1) individual coaching session, one (1) hour long, for a deeper dive into your saboteur  
  • Global Community:  The app connects you to a global community of other PQ participants across the world
  • Continued Support:  After the program concludes you will have access to the PQ app for the remainder of the year


The next Positive Intelligence pods will begin in the Fall of 2021, enrollment is limited.


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Positive Intelligence 8 Week Coaching Program