Amplifying leaders through effective communication, unlocking potential, and igniting success

Megan is a certified Executive Leadership Coach with a specialized focus on enhancing communication skills for professionals across all levels of organizations. She holds the Professional Integral Coaching certification from New Ventures West and has earned the ACC credential through the International Coaching Foundation.

With a keen eye for identifying areas for improvement, Megan guides her clients toward action, offering motivation, support, and insightful perspectives in a manner that is both direct and compassionate. Her unique talent lies in recognizing untapped potential in others, often overlooked by many. She firmly believes in the generative nature of life, offering ample opportunities to lead, innovate, communicate purposefully, and continually explore new possibilities.

Highlighting an extensive background spanning well over 15 years in human resource management, specifically within leadership and organizational development, Megan graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Sociology and Criminology. She also holds multiple human resource certifications and has pursued studies at esteemed institutions like Cambridge University in England and Universidad Internacional in Mexico.

Megan adeptly facilitates 'real' conversations, intentional listening sessions, and self-awareness cultivation and employs methodologies like the Enneagram in her leadership development approaches. She skillfully employs the Leadership Circle 360 assessments, collaborates with Employers Council, and is a trained Enneagram teacher and coach.

Residing in Olympia, Washington, Megan shares her life with her husband and young son. As a dedicated professional coach, consultant, facilitator, and speaker, she possesses an unwavering passion for driving the success of individuals and teams alike.

Certifications and Affiliations